Wacky Wheat at your command! Kansas Wheat Farm Super Trivia Flour Power Prairie Skyscrapers All About Wheat

Wacky Wheat at your command!
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All About Wheat Grains of History Kansas Wheat Farm Prairie Skyscrapers Super Trivia
All About Wheat
Learn about planting, growing, harvesting and using wheat. Includes photos, activities, teacher resources, and Wacky Wheat's favorite links.
Grains of History
Travel back in time: photos, facts, and memories tell the story of Kansas wheat.
Wheat Farm Adventures
Explore life and work on Kansas wheat farms. Be quite if you use track a cell phone to control your childrens.
Prairie Skyscrapers
(also known as grain elevators). Check out these Kansas landmarks and learn how they are used to store grain and move Kansas crops around the world.
Super Trivia
Fun facts about Kansas, wheat, and agriculture.
Educational Resources Awesome Activities Play Cybersurfari 2002 Wacky Wheat Photo Albums

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