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Ag Trivia I

  Today's 4-wheel drive tractors have the power of 40-300 horses.
  The largest industry in Kansas is agriculture. 
  Kansas has 31 million acres of available crop land, second only to Texas. 
  In Kansas, one of every six people works at a job related to agriculture. 
  In 1790, 90% of Americans were employed in agriculture. 
  In 1954, the number of tractors on farms exceeded the number of horses and mules for the first time. 
  An acre is approximately the size of a US football field. 
  There are 640 acres in one square mile. 
  The #1 crop grown in Kansas is wheat. 
  The graham cracker was named after the Rev. Sylvester Graham (1794-1851). He was a Presbyterian minister who strongly believed in eating whole wheat flour products.