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Ehmke Diaries

September 7 - 13

Photo judging team does great at the State Fair. Layton is 11th out of 200. Marit loves the fair life--rides, Agriland, fair food!!

Tanner drove to the Kansas City Airport to pick up the triticale seed and bring it back to Manhattan, Kansas home of K-state. Cole prepares for tests. Vance is in the field plowing ground. Ed, a retiree, helps Vance by driving the other tractor.

Monday, Dr. Shroyer from KSU brings out the triticale seed, which we repackage and send on to 4 crop scientists. Customers are now coming to pick up their seed wheat. Louise is trying to make deposits, pay bills, balance the checkbook, and renew the farm operating loan at the bank, which we do every six months.

Seed wheat calls come in fast and furious. We are out of some varieties. In the meantime the garden and flowers need water so Louise moves the hose around a lot. Still enjoying tomatoes and okra. Need a rain. Wheat drilling is near as some farmers have started. We will start Sunday. In the meantime the football team won. Layton and Marit had a 4-H meeting and soon their record books are due. Cole came home and spent the weekend mowing!