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Ehmke Diaries

September 28

We got up early to see if the Dupont commercial which features Vance and Marit was on NBC Sunday Today. Not today. Maybe next Sunday. It was a year ago that we had such great fun hosting a TV crew of 40 on our farm shooting the raw footage for the commercial.

On to Sunday school and church in Scott City. We took Manli too. Then on to tour a farm which has buffalo and cattle. Manli really enjoyed seeing them. She also visited a feedlot called Lane County Feeders which holds about 30,000 to 40,000 head of cattle.

September 29

We say farewell to Manli who we will miss. She asked very good questions and plans to write about her visit. She also prepared a fantastic authentic Chinese meal for us.

Another football game and we won!!

September 30

We finished up the wheat planting but had an equipment breakdown on the drill. It is really a headache for Vance to repair it but that's part of farming. We ordered the parts. Also took a long nap!!

October 1

Louise is spending a lot of time on the phone tracking the progress of triticale seed shipment from Poland. So far it is held up at JFK airport Delta Cargo. The USDA and customs has cleared it. If we could just get it to Kansas City where son Tanner will pick it up. Louise will meet him in Manhattan to make the transfer, get it home, and get it planted. Vance is checking fields to see if the wheat is up which means if it is sprouted. So far the progress is great!