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Ehmke Diaries

October 26

No church-everything is closed. We received 6 to 8 inches but further west is 18 to 24 inches. That will be bad for livestock. So we stayed in the house. Read, played games, did book work. Marit practiced the piano. Layton caught up on sleep!!! So did the rest of us.

No school tomorrow!!!

October 27

Layton was purchased in a slave auction so today he went to friend's feedlot to clean snow out of the feedbunks. Those folks lost 30 head of cattle. We are hearing that our local feedlot lost 1000 to 1400 head. All of southwest Kansas will be very hard hit.

Heard from Poland on the fax machine. Plans are coming together but I have a lot to do yet. Like clean house!! Figure out our travel clothes.

October 28

Vance drove to Denver to catch a flight for California where he will attend a tortilla convention meeting. He is representing a farm co-op that will make tortilla flour.

No school for Marit due to conferences. She is doing very well. Louise worked on the 4-H program book for the next year. Getting ready for the big trip. We leave on November 2.

October 29

Louise and Marit worked on the boo bash house . It will be terrific!! A friend of ours was in the hospital so we visited her. Another fax from Poland telling us the schedule. There is still some snow left but most has melted. There is now word that maybe 50,000 head of cattle died in this storm. Difficult to imagine that many. Our yard is very muddy!!!

October 30

Biggest football game of the year is today with Ness City. And the Milo is standing in mud!!! We have about 200 acres left.

October 31

While packing for the trip to Poland, I made a special witches brew for Marit's 2nd grade Halloween party plus some party favors. She is so excited to put on her costume, go trick or treating, and then go through the Dighton Boo Bash spook house!

Vance returned late last night from the tortilla convention in California. He's on the phone returning calls, making arrangements for our identity preserved wheat to be picked up by truck while we are gone. Lots of work to get ready to go!

The Milo is still standing in spite of the wind and weather. Now the ground is too soggy. The combines would get stuck. Still we hope they find a dry place today.

Great news--the cutter is cutting at least one field. The party was fun and the spook house fantastic. Marit was an angel with lovely white wings. Layton used his amplifier with microphone to be the real spook in the spook house. It was very effective.

November 1

Tomorrow is the day we leave. Marit helped me clean house--getting ready for the grandparents who will stay with the kids. Then off I went to Garden City when I realized that Vance needed another pair of slacks and I needed better walking shoes. I ended up with 3 new pair! And slacks for Vance.

Wrote lots of lists of directions and phone numbers. The grandparents arrived and to my surprise so did Cole and Tanner. Guess they thought they had better see us off in case we did not come back !! Great to see them. We enjoyed a family dinner.

One large Milo field left plus some ponds to cut.