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Ehmke Diaries

October 12

Louise's parents, sister, Marit and Layton, and Louise attended one of the Lutheran churches in Lindsborg. Ate brunch and headed back to the farm. The October meeting of our Eager Beavers 4-H Club is a pizza costume party tonight at 6 p.m. The wind blew hard all the way home and rained along the way.

4-H was fun--Marit was a witch, Louise a devil, Layton a soldier. Marit led her first song as the new song leader.

October 13--Columbus Day

No school so we slept in, worked around the house. Dr. Merle Witt, a KSU agronomist at the Garden City Experiment Station, arrived to look at triticale plus get some seed for his research. Vance talked with him.

Vance had some writing to do as well as phone interviews. Marit and Layton had their piano lessons. Then Layton left for a JV football game at Quinter--60 miles from home. Marit and Louise cheered at the game, which Dighton won!!

October 14

Vance worked on a drill that needed repair. Louise dug out some zinnia beds plus some weeds. She drove to Scott City to get the computer that needed some attention and spent a lot of time with the cyberspace expert--2 hours getting some much-needed tips.

Vance and Louise took a windshield trip of the farm looking at fields--about an hour. We both need to know what is going on so we can make informed decisions. Marit and Louise worked at concessions for 4-H. The kids really enjoy this activity which is our club fundraiser. Only one more to go for the season.

Louise confirmed the tickets for her and Vance to travel to Poland to visit a seed company there.

October 15

Continue to cut Milo but it is a little wet. Vance is now working on stories for farm publications. This story is on corn. He calls farmers and researchers for information. He then writes a story. The magazine pays him for the story and photos.
Marit had dance class. Louise ordered books from the library to study about Poland. Layton drove to Scott to practice with the church choir.

October 16

Another concession stand for 4-H--the last for the season. Marit and I helped and Layton. Then home. Some Milo did get cut and doing well--105 bushels to the acre. Louise had an Area Mental Health Board meeting in Garden City. Marit stayed with Vance. She played in a huge sand pile. The sand is for a shed.

October 17

More Milo cutting. Yea!! Another football game and we beat Ellis.

October 18

Louise drove to Lindsborg to pick up her parents, then on to Manhattan to get son Cole. Then on to Topeka, where we heard the great Dr. Martin Marty speak at the 25th anniversary of the Kansas Humanities Council.

Marit checked fields with Vance. She loves to go with her dad. Layton worked on homework and music.