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November 9

Up early for the taxi trip to the airport. No difficulties at all. Just overstuffed heavy bags full of painted Polish eggs, dolls, 4 rabbit fur hats, and vodka!

The plane was packed . But we managed to survive to New York. We switched our ticket to go straight to Denver instead of changing in Cincinnati as the time was going to be too short. But of course our luggage would probably come later. Two hours later after we landed in Denver, we rolled into our farmstead. We had been traveling for 30 hours. It was 6 a.m. Monday morning.

November 10

6 a.m. -- Kansas time but 1 p.m. our Polish time. All was fine. Glad to be home. Luggage all over the living room. Kids and grandparents great. Took showers and slept, ate, slept!!!! But did manage to get to the 4H meeting. Marit even did a talk on Polish crafts.

Great to be home!!!!

November 11

Today is Veterans Day so the banks, post office are closed. Vance and I are mainly catching up on sleep. The jet lag is nearly as bad as the flu! Good news is that one cutter finished cutting the largest field of Milo while we were gone. So that leaves one field left plus ponds. Vance took a long inspection drive of the farm today. He always takes his trusty shovel and soil probe. Both of them are for checking moisture levels in the fields.

Louise is catching up on sleep and bill paying. Plus answering phone calls. Layton is working on his music--guitar and piano.

November 12

Animals are fine. Grandpa did a great job feeding them. Marit has dance lessons. Vance is working on a story. Layton went to church choir practice. Still napping a lot!!

Now to prepare for the 21st Century Alliance Dairy Co-op meeting for November 18th in Dighton. Fortunately, the 21st office sent the press releases and letters last week while we were in Poland.

Sure was a surprise to get a call from Hap Larson with KUPK TV in Garden City. The Wichita affiliate, KAKE, gave him a November 20 slot for a corporate hog farm panel discussion with an audience of 30. He asked us for names of supportive hog people and if they would be willing to be on live TV. Louise immediately called others on the ag committee to come up with names. This could be a very interesting program.

November 13

Louise spent lots of time on the phone talking with people about the upcoming corporate hog talk show. All are very positive about speaking out and doing their part. Still doing lots of sleeping--both Vance and Louise. Marit reads to Louise at night because Louise is too tired to read to Marit!

November 14

Made a call to the local farmer about finishing up the Milo. The temperature has warmed--in the 60's. Mark will try to cut the remainder of the Milo this afternoon.

Good news. Vance is relieved that the Milo is in. Now we go to the grain elevator where the Milo is stored. At the office the grain merchandisers make the divisions for each landlord. The merchandiser divides the Milo from the field into 1/3 for the landowners share and 2/3 for the tenant share. We send those computer sheets to the landlord so that they know how much grain they have to sell. The current price is about $3.97 per 100 lbs. of Milo. We know how much Milo came from each field because of the scale tickets, which are issued each time a truckload is weighed.

November 15

Great to sleep in and then get started cleaning house. Marit and Layton are helping with vacuuming, picking up and dusting. We are hosting a chili supper here for the directors on the Lane Co. Economic Development Alliance board on Tuesday--just before the dairy co-op meeting.

Watched the K-State game--we won. Vance drove to Ulysses to get photos of a farmer with narrow row corn for a story he's writing. Then he went on to Hugoton to visit a seed dealer. Vance wanted to see his seed cleaner.

Layton went out with his friends. Marit played--we made a rum cake.

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