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Ehmke Diaries

November 16

It seems forever since we were last in church. It was great to be there and especially see my Sunday School kids. They are 3rd and 4th graders and very interested in Poland. Ate dinner out afterwards in Scott City.

Cleaned house in the afternoon--read over lots of recipes trying to pick the best one. Also did some grocery shopping after dinner for the chili supper on Tuesday.

November 17

Hap Larson called and we finalized our lists for the panel and audience. Continued to get ready for the chili supper. I tried to organize some of our Polish things we brought back.

Made some phone calls to get ready for Louise's mother's 81st birthday this Sunday. But we will celebrate on Saturday in Lindsborg.

November 18

Made the chili!!! It went over well with about 10 there to eat. They especially liked the cake. Lynn Rundle and Darrel Holaday arrived to eat also. They are the special speakers for the 21st Century Alliance and the dairy. Darrel is the one who has done the profit and loss projections as requested by our Ag committee.

The dairy meeting went very well with about 50 there from all over western Kansas. People asked lots of good questions. Lynn and Darrel did the presentation very well. The beauty of this project is that it is farmer owned with the obligation to deliver a feed grain and getting the milk money on the other end. This is one of those added value projects that farmers need to get into to get a better than average price on the farm for what they produce.

Our next step is to set up a board of directors.

November 19

Took Louise all day to clean up. Caught up on some phone calls and mail. Vance is working on cash flow projections for next year as well as planning cropping decisions. The Servi-Tech guys came by to discuss some of this on our irrigated ground. They are our consultants on this ground because it was such a new project for us--irrigating. And we want to do it right.

Louise drove to Garden City for the Kansas Agricultural and Rural Leadership Class IV kickoff reception. She was in KARL Class III that went to China last March. This class is just starting its 2 years of study. It is a terrific opportunity to develop leadership skills. Mark Thomas of the National Cattleman's Association spoke about the future in marketing such as Branded beef. It was very good.

November 20

Marit was thrilled today because Louise substituted for the other 2nd grade teacher. It was neat to have mom at school. I enjoyed the kids so much. I did have a KOOD PBS board meeting in Great Bend so I headed for that--100 miles from Dighton. Layton picks up Marit.

Vance spent the day writing and catching up on farm magazine reading. Louise had a very good meeting. Public TV is very important in western Kansas, as it is one station that does some local programming. Our headquarters are in Bunker Hill--about 140 miles from our house.

Nearly hit a deer on the way home. They are getting to be the most dangerous hazard for nighttime driving!!

November 21

Another day of 2nd grade for Louise. Again it was fun and Marit enjoyed having her mom at school.

After school Marit had art lessons at Pat Herndon's Old Bank Gallery. Louise shopped for birthday gifts for Grandma.

At home we took naps, ate Vance's famous fried potatoes with barbecued (burned) chicken!! Potatoes were great. Then we were TV bums plus some reading the rest of the evening. Of course we always watch PBS Market to Market--the farm show. Vance did ship out a load of wheat today to a starch company in eastern Kansas.

November 22

Off we got about 9 AM for Lindsborg. Cole arrived from K-State. We ate a great dinner at the Swedish Crown. Mom enjoyed this as well as her cake and gifts. We ate the cake later at the house. It had blue and yellow flowers for Bethany and purple ones for K-State. While most of the family watched the K-State game against Iowa where Tanner was visiting, Marit and I shopped!!

Lindsborg is a community of Swedes as well as the home of Bethany College where Louise met Vance. Louise graduated from Bethany in education. Cole graduated last May. Louise's Dad graduated in 1938--he is Perry Carlson. Her mom is Alice Pearson Carlson.

We left for home about 5pm. Had to be home to teach Sunday School and Layton for choir tomorrow.