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Ehmke Diaries

June 1998

It is June 23 at the Ehmke farm. Our custom cutters have arrived. They are a family operation with four combines as well as the support trucks and housing they bring with them.

The wheat is nearly ready with some varieties more mature than others. The hot dry winds of May shriveled some of our wheat . That will mean poor test weights but we hope it is not a lot. A thunderstorm moved through dumping hail on some farms but this time it passed us by.

To update on family: Tanner is working for us as head irrigator and all around do everything help. Layton is doing some of that as well as camps and a college algebra class. He'll be student body president next year at Dighton High School. Cole is doing fine at the University of Sydney in Australia. He has major exams this week and misses the harvest activity and we miss him! Marit camped outside last night! Plus she takes care of her 4-H bunny. She also adjusting to wearing glasses.