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Ehmke Diaries

December 14-16

Milling and Baking Short Course at the Kansas State University Grain Science Department for 3 days for Louise. It was a great learning experience. Starting from the genetics and crossing of wheat varieties to eating the bread, cookies and cake we made in the lab, this class taught us all about wheat. Louise learned all kinds of trivia. Dr. Rollie Sears, premier wheat breeder at KSU, told us that out of all the food plants in the world, wheat and rice account for 45% of the world food diet. We learned about all kinds of flour for certain end uses. Flour isn't just flour. There is a real art to the milling of wheat for the right end uses--bread, cookies, etc. And that too relates back to what varieties of wheat the farmer grows to fit the customer. Right now most farmers just grow whatever is best adapted to their area or just one they like. But as wheat growers we also need to pay attention to wheat varieties that perform well in our areas as well as the quality.

Vance, Marit and Layton did fine without Louise. Vance worked on stories as well as the long-term plan for other enterprises on the farm such as the triticale. He also had to prepare the loan papers, update information for the recent land purchase that we made. Our partner in the land purchase called when she received the photos of it. She was pretty excited about our site as it does have a dry creek running through it that occasionally has water.

December 18-20

We are getting some bad weather soon so we are staying close to home. Louise and Vance are spending a lot of time opening and sorting all the UPS boxes that have arrived for Christmas. Hope all that phone work pays off in that the gifts arrive in time for Christmas.

Marit 's school had their program. Every child gets a part. The music teacher works hard at involving everybody and it was great as usual. Plus the usual Christmas parties.

We are still working at finishing the decorations before Cole and Tanner come home this Saturday the 20th.

Saturday--the boys arrive home before the storm hits. Ice covered roads. The tree is done. We are putting up Swedish tomtegubbens--like gnomes but friendlier. Louise did finish the last of the Christmas cards. It is hard to catch up when you've been gone 3 days.