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Ehmke Diaries

September 1 - 6

On Labor Day the Ehmkes are working. Vance is driving a tractor pulling an implement, which plows the ground chopping the weeds. He is preparing the ground for drilling or planting. Cole is home and he too is driving a tractor. Layton is mowing. Marit is roller blading on the patio, sidewalk. Louise is fueling tractors when needed as well as bringing lunch to the drivers.

Layton prepares his wheat plot data and booth to be taken to the Kansas State Fair as well as his grand champion photograph from the county fair. He is also busy with Dighton High School football and student council.

Marit loves school, which started August 18. It's hot!

Vance has been on the tractor from 7:30 am to 10 pm. In between we are filling trucks with wheat, which are taken to the seed cleaner at the Dighton Co-op Elevator for cleaning. We bring the trucks back to the farm where clean wheat is loaded into bins ready for farmers to buy. The favorite varieties this year are 2137, Jagger, and TAM 107.

Louise spent lots of hours on the phone tracking a shipment of experimental seed of triticale from Europe. When we finally get it we will send it to four university research scientists who will use it in test plots looking for new and better characteristics to increase yield or fight disease. Louise finally found it at JFK airport awaiting to be inspected then sent on.

Off to the Kansas State Fair on Saturday where Layton judged crops. His booth received a blue ribbon, his photo a purple plus special honors by the Kansas 4-H Foundation.

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