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Ehmke Diaries

June 20, 2000

Harvest is moving along. In spite of the hot dry Comanche Winds we are running into wheat that is not ready to cut--it is a little wet. Moisture content should be lower than 15% but we have had 16.5. We have found other fields that are ready, so we move. Yields have been disappointing. Last year we cut 60 bushel wheat. This year 29 to 40 as average with hitting 50 some of the time. This certainly depended on the variety of wheat planted. The Jagger has come up short with low test weights. The 2137 has been better with the Ike just doing real well.

Marit has been practicing the piano, playing with kitties. Tanner and Layton have been doing odd jobs plus catching up on sleep after late nights of unloading seed from trucks into our bins. It is quite a process. We are about half done with harvest. Lots of people are finished cutting with the cutters moving on.

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