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The Clanton Family
Steve, Sarah, Ashley & Sue
Ashley driving the tractor.

Clanton Diaries

Greetings from North Central Kansas! We are the Clanton family who lives in Ottawa County on a farm 6 miles west of Minneapolis, KS. Yes, there is a Minneapolis in Kansas but it is quite a bit smaller than the one in Minnesota. Our population is only 2500, but we would not trade our small town for the larger one.

Our family consists of Steve and Sue Clanton, Sarah and Ashley. Steve is a graduate of K-State in electrical engineering and worked for Boeing for a few years as an engineer. He is the past-president of the Kansas Association of Wheat Growers and is on the local school board. Sue has done several jobs including substitute teaching, tax preparation and is now working in a local insurance and real estate office. Sarah will be a senior at Sterling College in Sterling, KS majoring in math education. She has been home this summer picking up a biology course and has several jobs to fill her time. We also have a son and daughter-in-law, Aaron and Karyn in Michigan. They both graduated from K-State. Aaron with a Milling Science degree and is working for Kellogg in Battle Creek, and Karyn is working for the Girl Scouts.

We came back 20 years ago to farm with Steve's Dad and since have taken over the farm when his Dad retired. (I don't think farmers ever actually retire, his dad is out everyday.) We farm about 2400 acres of dry land wheat and 1600 acres of spring crops, which varies from corn, milo, soybeans and sometimes sunflowers. Five hundred acres are irrigated with both flood irrigation and a couple sprinkler systems. Our crew consists of one full time employee, one part-time and 2 high school boys who work in the summer.

Sue will be keeping the diary; we hope you will enjoy our summer.

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