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Take a ride inside a combine!

Here is the view from inside the cab of John Detmer's combine. It is a beautiful sunny day to be cutting wheat in Great Bend!

Now look straight down in front of the combine. You can see the reel taking in the wheat as the combine moves through the field. The wheat will be cut from its stalk and moved into the combine to be threshed.

If you see a combine moving through a field of wheat, you would think it is easy to maneuver through the open field. A combine is a very large machine and the operator has to be aware of the gears and controls inside the combine just like you would driving a car. He also takes a peek every now and then at the wheat piling up in the bin behind the cab. When the bin is full, it is time to unload the wheat into the wheat trucks or grain carts waiting in the field.

The bin on the combine is full! It is time to transfer the grain from the combine to the truck. The spiral motion of the unloading auger forces the grain up through the grain spout and into the wheat truck. When the combine is empty, the farmer goes back into the field and keeps cutting. If the wheat truck is full, the driver can go to the grain elevator and dump his load of wheat there.