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How Wheat Becomes Flour
(A simplified diagram)


ELEVATOR - storage and care of wheat.

PRODUCT CONTROL - chemists inspect and classify wheat, blending is often done at this point 
MAGNETIC SEPARATOR - iron or steel articles stay here. 
SEPARATOR - reciprocating screens remove stones, sticks and other coarse and fine materials. 
ASPIRATOR - air currents remove lighter impurities 
DISC SEPARATOR - barley, oats, cockle and other foreign materials are removed. 

SCOURER - beaters in screen cylinder scour off inpurities and roughage.
TEMPERING MIXER - moistens wheat evenly.

TEMPERING - water toughens outer bran coats for easier separation- softens or mellows endosperm.

BLENDING - types of wheat are blended to make specific flours.

IMPACT SCOURER - impact machine breaks and removes unsound wheat.
FIRST BREAK - corrugated rolls break wheat into coarse particles.
broken wheat is sifted through successive screens of increasing fineness. 
air currents and sieves separate bran and classify particles (or middlings).
REDUCING ROLLS - smooth rolls reduce middlings into flour.
A series of purifiers, reducing rolls and sifter repeat the process.
BLEACHING - flour is matured and color neutralized.
from the sifter . . .
from the sifter . . .
from bulk storage . . .