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Tortilla Recipes
Courtesy of Kansas Wheat Commission

Tortilla Triangles*

Cut a tortilla into 6 triangles. Using a pastry bush, lightly coat sides of each triangle with vegetable oil or spray with vegetable oil spray. Place triangles in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, turning once, until golden brown.


1 dozen corn tortillas
1 tablespoon oil
1 cup onions, chopped
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
2 teaspoons chili powder
1 teaspoon cumin powder
1 1/2 cups low-fat cottage cheese
1 1/2 cups canned crushed tomatoes
6 ounces grated jack or cheddar cheese

Cut tortillas into wedges or tear into strips. Saute onion in oil for 5 minutes (a non-stick or cast iron skillet that is oven-proof is ideal for this). Add tortilla pieces, garlic powder, chili powder, garlic and cumin. Toss until the tortilla pieces are wilted. Puree cottage cheese and tomatoes in blender until smooth. Stir gently into tortilla pieces. Sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes.

Egg Fajitas*

Fix a platter of scrambled eggs, preparing one egg for each child for lunch or supper. Serve with heated flour tortillas, shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, other fresh cooked or crisp vegetables, and sliced fresh fruits. Let the children make their own fajitas.

Quick Quesadillas

1, 8-inch tortilla
2, 3/4-ounce slices cheese, cut in half diagonally

For each quesadilla, place tortilla on microwave-safe plate. Arrange cheese slices on tortilla and fold tortilla in half. Cover and microwave on HIGH 25 to 40 seconds or until cheese begins to melt. Let stand, covered, 1 minute or until cool enough to eat. Fold in quarters. Serve with salsa. Makes 1 serving.


  • Top cheese with sliced red and green bell peppers. Continue as directed.
  • Spread tortilla with 1 tablespoon refried beans. Continue as directed.

*Source: "Meals without Squeals," by Christine Berman and Jackie Fromen.