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Sept 7 - Sept 13

The guys have finished fertilizing the wheat ground the first part of this week. Steve has been going to the different fields to get soil samples to send to see if the soils are lacking anything. He must take samples from several places across the field to get a complete representation of the fields so it is quite time consuming. He had not done it for a while and it needed to be done.

He tried again to cut corn and the milo but they were not ready. Quite a few of the farmers have been cutting corn but most of it was wet and went to the feed yard where they can store the wet corn.

Ashley and a couple of her friends had tickets to a rock group at the Kansas State Fair on Friday. So after work, I took the 3 girls to the fair in Hutchinson. Fortunately our older daughter, Sarah, joined us and took the girls to the concert. I walked around the fair grounds and could still hear their concert. While we were in the 4-H building at the fair the girls ran into a former classmate of theirs they knew in grade school. It was fun to see them get re-acquainted. We drove to Sterling, Ks, where Sarah goes to college and spent the night in the dorm. Then we went back Saturday and spent the day at the fair.

Steve and the guys picked up some of irrigation pipe in hopes of cutting corn. It was pretty hot for picking up pipe and then the corn was not ready yet. With the prices of the grains dropping every day, Steve would like to get something cut before they drop much more.

Ashley and I went down to the creek again to see if the beaver was still there Sunday afternoon. We saw several new trees that have been chewed on. He has gotten some of our bigger trees in our shelter belt so we may need to do something if he does much more destruction. On the way back we checked an old apple tree we have had for a long time and had given up on. There were enough apples to fill a fruit box. What a pleasant surprise.

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