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Here is the work of the beavers that we have been watching this summer. If you look closely at the top right picture, you will see the water flowing over the dam he has built.

Clanton Diaries

September 13th - 19th

Sunday Steve was trying to finish up the irrigation for the year, while guys tried cutting corn, milo and beans. When I drove up around the north shop it almost looked like a kid with a new toy. There was a path through one bean field, one across the road in the milo field and then some in the corn field. I know the guys are wanting to try out the new combine headers for the fall crops and get them ready for when the crops are ready.

They had to order a new feeder chain for the corn header. While they waited, they worked on the wheat drills. Fall is a busy time with the fall crops needing to be cut and the wheat drilled. We will start drilling (or sowing) wheat the end of September. The ground is pretty dry so they may wait until we get some moisture to drill the wheat.

Later in the week the guys have been able to cut most of the corn and have put it in the bins at our north shop. The way the price of the grains keeps going down, it is to our advantage to store it in farm storage rather than take it to the elevator. We won't be selling it and in the elevator we would need to pay storage. Right now most of the elevators are almost full and will not be taking much grain this fall. Several of the big elevators in Salina will only take grain that will be immediately sold.

Saturday, I went back to the State Fair to help in the Ag in the classroom area. Several of the Commodity groups have set up this area for kids to come in and learn about agriculture. One of the favorite areas is a combine cab where the kids can set in the cab and drive the combine through a field. It is just a video taken from a combine cab. When the kids get in they think they are driving a combine. It is surprising how many adults get in the combine. I think they are former farm people that miss running machinery. We saw AG Secretary Dan Glickman walked through the building after his debate on the fairgrounds.

Later in the day I meet two of my friends to go to a craft fair in Hillsboro, Ks. It is one of the biggest craft fairs with over 40,000 attending.

Ashley stayed home and helped the boys pick up irrigation pipe so that they could cut corn. They have the corn almost done but it showered Sunday so they will have to finish next week.

Sept 20 to Sept 27

The guys have been busy cutting milo and soybeans. The new combines seem to be doing great with the spring crops. Steve said he would have quite a few of the fields cut before they start to drill wheat. We should have most of our fall work done early.

We are still hoping for some moisture before the drilling starts. We finally got about an inch this week. Some areas got over 3 inches. Saturday they started drilling wheat and it looks like it is going in great. In the same field they were cutting milo and beans. Steve pushed the beans a little too early, now he has a load of wet beans no one wants.

Saturday afternoon Ashley and I drove to Hesston for a wedding reception for one of our friend's daughter. Before the reception we visited with one of Ashley' friend who had moved to Hesston several years ago. Then Sarah joined us for the reception. Afterwards we visited with the kids' godparents.

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