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Clanton Diaries

October 3-9

The guys were able to drill most of the weekend and into the first part of the week. Steve was feeling pretty good since he had about a third of the wheat drilled and a third of the fall crops harvested. On Wednesday it started to rain and rain and rain. Since they were rained out they worked on the gas truck's clutch. We have this old gas truck to haul diesel to the fields for the tractors and combines. They use it to service the equipment. It is tagged as an antique. It is quite an experience to drive since the brakes only work after you pump them three or four times.

Friday night Steve and I went into Salina for a rare dinner and movie. Saturday morning was Minneapolis Fall Fest where they have a soup contest and had contests for games children used to play. You are reading the works of the Ottawa Co. Jacks champion.

October 10-17

The guys are back in full force drilling wheat. They were able to cut some milo and beans before they could get in the fields to drill. Steve has decided to concentrate on the wheat until it is in and then finish up the fall crops.

Since my office is in the local bank, we have banker's holidays. I had Monday off for Columbus Day and I made the mistake of offering to help. So on my day off I worked ground ahead of the drill. I really do enjoy helping with the farm work and have missed it since taking a job in town. It was a great fall day and did I hate having to go back into the office the next day.

We don't usually take out meals in the fall. Since we have several single guys working for us and it is pretty late when they go home, Ashley and I have been taking out suppers to the guys. It is a lot different than harvest since they all seem to be in a different field. Monday night it took more than 1½ hours to try to find the guys between all the fields. We missed one all together.

October 22

We are pretty much finished with our wheat drilling. Steve is having one of the guys do some no-til wheat on some of the soybean ground. They go into the fields right after the combines and drill wheat without working the ground. Steve thought he was over 50% done with fall harvest.

This will be our last diary entry. We hope you have enjoyed spending time with us and gained some insight into our operation. If you have any questions you can write us at 721 Kiowa Rd, Minneapolis, Ks 67467 or if you are in our area let us know. Minneapolis has one claim to fame, Rock City. There are several unusual rock formations that are interesting and fun to climb on.

Thanks for sharing our summer.
Steve and Sue Clanton

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