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Clanton Diaries

June 29 - July 4

We pretty much finished up Tuesday, June 28. We took out our last meal Tuesday night, and I went back to work full time Tuesday. The guys cleaned out the combines and trucks on Wednesday, and then cut seed wheat and put it in the bins at our North shop.

Steve had the boys laying irrigation pipe this week. It was pretty hot for them, but the crops are very dry and the irrigation is needed. Now that we are done with harvest, we could use some rain. The milo, corn and soybeans are starting to look dry. We have both dry land crop and irrigated, and they both need rain.

So often we are cutting wheat on the 4th of July, but this year we were able to go to our church celebration. They had a barbeque and a service to honor those who had served our country in the military. A POW from the Korean War spoke. For those of us who have not served, we do not know what sacrifices those who have served have made for us. Afterwards, the different families shot off their fireworks, and from the churchyard we were able to see other fireworks in town. We usually just shoot off a few out at our place and don't usually see so many others in town.

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