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Clanton Diaries

June 26

We must have most of the kinks out because both combines are running most of the time. We had quite a few Hesston Implement company representative out looking at the new machines and the strippper headers. I think they got quite an earful on how well these were running.

June 27

This is the day our lunch got lost. I did not go home from work but went directly to the field. When the girls, Sarah and Ashley, did not show up by 1:00, we did not know if they were lost or had problems. We had moved up to the Delphos area and they had gotten on the wrong side of the highway. When they could not get a hold of us, they called the service center, and yes, they did know where we were. Little surprise that they would know where we were since they have been spending so much time with our combines.

It is very hot today. The combines are doing great. They look like a couple of vacuum cleaners running over the field. The trucks are having a hard time not getting overheated. The other trucker is one of the high school boys, and we have been teasing him about all his flat tires but guess whose truck had a flat tire today -- mine!

We are still in the Delphos area and the elevator is getting full, so they have started dumping on the ground. I had to wait over 2 hours to dump. Everyone gets out of their trucks and visits, so it isn't too bad of a wait.

June 28

Today is Sunday, and I think we were about the only ones cutting today. We moved back to the Minneapolis area today. This elevator was also getting full, but they are not dumping on the ground. Last year they did and lost more than a semi-load of wheat when the rains came. This year they are only taking what they have room for until another semi truck comes through to take a load. One of my dumps filled up the pit, and they left it there until a truck came through.