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June 19

We have quite a few fields that are spread out across the county within a 20-mile area. Today we pulled down to one closer to where we live and were able to cut. We are now in full swing. I still work at the insurance office in the morning until we take out the noon meal. I stay out for the rest of the day and drive a grain truck. Sarah took off her afternoon job so that she could help with the meals. Ashley had taken the local tractor safety course this spring so she bugged her dad enough she got the air-conditioned tractor with the grain cart.

Since we cut down from four combines to two, we do not have as many on our crew as we usually do. Steve said that the two new combines will go faster but will make harvest one day longer than normal. If things continue to go the way they went today, we are in for a long harvest. The one combine would start unloading the wheat before the combine got out of the field costing us a lot of wheat. Well, at least we have started.

June 20

The combines are still not working right; evidently, there must be some kinks that still need to be worked out. One of the selling points Steve used to persuade me was that there should not be as much down time with the new combines. So far we have had quite a bit of down time.

It was hot today, but the wheat seems to be doing great. Last year we had extra good yields, so we will see what this year will do.

June 21

Today is Father's Day, and since we were still in the area of our farm, we had the guys come to the house for dinner. Steve's family also came out.

Both combines seem to be working well. The new combines were quite an attraction. Several people came out to see them and ride in them. The service center, where we bought the combines, had all the shop guys out at different times to ride on them. One nice feature on these combines is the extra seat in the cab for a rider.

June 22

It rained last night, which stopped harvest for at least today. We needed the rain for the spring crops, but I did wish we could get this harvest done. This gave the guys time to work on those combines.

June 24

It was hot and windy today, which made it hard to keep the grain in the truck going to the elevator. We had to start rolling the tarps over the trucks. No, the trucks do not have air conditioners. I do have a button for air conditioning, but it has never worked. We are using only our diesel trucks during harvest and even they are over-heating. One neat part about hauling to the elevator is when my truck did overheat, there were several farmers that were willing to help me get going again. Even the elevator owner was helping me get my truck cooled down.

Back to those new combines, by evening the guys had one header and one combine working. They put the working combine and header together, so we had at least one machine still cutting. The bolts holding the bearing on the feed auger on one stripper header came off and a belt on the other combine broke.

While our guys and the guys from the service center were working on the two combines, a storm built up north of us, and they could see what looked like a twister close to Delphos.

June 25

Finally, we have both combines running today which was good since the company had a photographer out to take pictures. We had another storm build up and stop us. When we drove through town on our way home, we could tell they had quite a storm with quite a few limbs down.

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