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July 5 - 11

Steve spent part of Sunday driving around to look at the fields to see which ones need to be sprayed for weeds. He has gone to quite a bit of no-til on his spring crops. With no-til they do not work the ground, but they go into the field and plant the seed right into the stocks of last year's crops. Steve feels that there is less compacting of the soil when they don't run over the fields so many times with the different equipment. By doing no-til, they don't have to spray it more.

It usually takes 2 or 3 years before you end up with a clean field with no weeds. One of the plusses of no-til is you don't need as much labor. Currently, good labor is hard to get and keep. No-til in our area has caused quite a bit of controversy with the older farmers.

I am back to my insurance job. We sell crop insurance at our office, and right now it is time for the farmers to report their planted acres for spring crops. Sometimes it is like pulling teeth to get the farmer to come in to do their reporting. It seems they have so much paper work they hate to see my reminder come in the mail. They must report their planted acres by a certain time and then as soon as a crop is harvested the farmer must report the production, or how well the crop did. This is done for wheat and then for the spring crops and it all has to be done in a timely fashion. All this is just for crop insurance; they also have tons of paper work for the government as well.

My office is also a real estate office. Although I am only an insurance agent, I do some of the legwork for the real estate. After this week they may never let me out of the office. We had a couple of lots for sale in a small town south of Minneapolis, and I was supposed to put the sign in the lot. Well, I misread the map and put the sign in the wrong lot. Did I stir up that town! The next door neighbors informed me before I had even left the lot that I had the wrong lot and set me straight on which was the right one. Before I got back to town, my boss had a couple of phone calls about the "wrong" property.

We finally have recieved some moisture, and it is wonderful. The guys were trying to plant some milo, grain sorghum, into some of the wheat stock but I think they have been rained out. Next week is our county fair. Since the boys could not work in the fields, they spent time cleaning up one of the combines so that the service center could run one in the fair parade. They really did a pretty good job cutting wheat once all the kinks were worked out.

Ashley and I drove to Salina to get her fair pictures enlarged. She is taking photography and her horse to the fair.

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