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July 26 - 28

More rain!! We have received over 7 inches of rain and are still getting more. We could enjoy the moisture more if we had our wheat ground all plowed. There are some of the more organized farmers who have gotten over all their fields at least once. The spring crops are looking great and Steve has not had to irrigate for over a week. Those who live in Texas and Oklahoma probably would love some of this moisture, and we are ready to give it away. Do you get the feeling farmers are never satisfied with the weather?

Steve and I tried to mow the yard on both Tuesday and Wednesday night, but each night we got rained on before we finished. There was some pretty fierce lightning Wednesday.

One of our neighbors did have lightning hit a tree close to their propane tank. They were fortunate that the lightning only got their TV and some other electrical things.
Ashley left Tuesday with Ottawa County 4-H Junior leaders on an exchange trip to Iowa.

The Junior leaders are the older 4-Hers in the County. Each 4-Her will stay with a 4-Her in Iowa, and then the Iowa group will come here next summer. Ashley's hostess will stay with us for a few days next summer.

Steve went with the owner of the service center, who sold him the new combines, to Kansas City to the company plant. The company representatives invited some of the new owners and dealers to come in and discuss the combines. Steve said they took a lot of notes so hopefully it will help to improve the machines. Steve thinks we should get a discount since we had so much experimental time with the new combines.

Thursday morning we received 3 more inches and water was everywhere. The radio was forecasting flash flooding in our area. I was not sure if I could get to work but had no problems.

At work we are starting to get a few farmers to report their wheat production. They don't need to have it in until the end of September and some will wait until the day it's due. It is better for us if they would do it now since they have just finished with harvest and have checked with the elevators on totals. We are getting some farmers who have been to the local FSA to get their loan deficiency checks. When the market price for wheat is below the loan price the farmer can pick one day and receive a one-time payment of the difference between the loan price and the market price. In order to get that payment the farmers have to prove their wheat production. Most of us farmers would rather have a higher price rather than get the deficiency payment. This is the lowest the wheat price has been for a long time. Farmers are not selling their wheat, so the elevators are full. Come fall there won't be any storage for the spring crops.

Steve's folks have always gone to Arizona for the winter. Steve's dad's health is not very good, so they have decided to not go down anymore. They have been in Arizona all week packing their stuff and moving it back to Kansas. We helped them on Saturday move things in. We did get paid very well with a new TV, a table and chairs for Sarah, and new bedspread and curtains. Steve's brother from Blackwell, OK came up to help. They said it was very dry and hot there. We got another .70 of rain Saturday night.

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