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Clanton Diaries

July 19-25

The guys are still working on plowing the wheat ground and Steve is busy with the irrigation. He would like to see more rain but we need to get the plowing done. One of the guys hit a telephone with the plow. Steve said the pole was in a bad place and he has almost hit several times.

It is so hot that this morning the radio announced the utility companies are asking people to cut back electrical usage and turn up the thermostats on air conditioners to 80 degrees.


We have finally gotten some rain. The guys had to stop plowing by 10:00 in the morning. We need the rain, but the guys aren't even half done with the plowing. The guys worked on Steve's pickup the rest of the day. Steve and I went to Hoisington, Ks to the home of the one the first Diary keepers, the Stoskopf's. They were hosting a group of EPA people from Washington DC. That group regulates a lot of our chemicals so the National Wheatgrowers in Washington DC brings a group from EPA once a year to observe what farming actually does with chemicals and how we handle the chemical. We as farmers receive a lot of bad press for our chemical usage. Most people do not realize we are using the chemical on ground we live on and make a living from. We are not going to jeopardize our families and livelihood with bad practices.

We are continually getting rain so the guys finished up the pickup and started working on some boards for our house. We are planning to have guttering added to our house but needed to add strips of wood to attach the guttering. One of the hard parts of summer when it rains is keeping the guys busy when they can't get into the fields.
Since the fields were wet and Steve did not have to irrigate, we drove to Liberal, KS to see my folks, Tom and Luella Cole. Some of you may have heard of the Pancake races in Liberal in February. We don't get back for the races, but I have tried to have pancakes for breakfast on that day. As we drove through Southwest Kansas, the ground looked a lot dryer than our area. I saw where one cornfield looked like it was already starting to dry up.

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