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July 18

It was still too wet to plow, but the guys were able to plant some milo down south. At home we were busy getting ready for the fair. On Tuesday we took Ashley's horse, Sugar, to the fair. We had trouble getting her to go into her stall. She is used to a quiet pasture, and at the fairground there was a lot going on. The fair started Wednesday and we pretty much spent most of our time there. Sarah was helping the extension office at the fair, and Ashley spent a couple of nights. The horse show was Thursday night and Friday morning. It has taken so long in the past that they have put the racing events in the evening, which is nice, since it has been so hot during the day. Friday was very hot, so most of the parents were under the bleacher to get out of the heat. The judge kept reminding the kids to be sure to drink a lot of water and to water the horses. This was Ashley's second year, and I felt she had improved a lot.

The guys did some mowing around our fields and at the house. Towards the end of the week they were able to start plowing. One of the plows found a large rock in the field and it bent the plow back quite a bit. The guys were able to straighten the plow to continue plowing, but they have to wait on a part to repair it. Steve was busy with irrigation. Having to transport the horse to and from the fair was not high on his agenda, but he did do it.

The corn is at the roasting ear stage so we are enjoying corn on the cob. There is only a short time that the field corn is just right for eating, so we eat corn everyday for about a week. The guys at the service center talked Steve into planting several rows of sweet corn, so I am anxious to try it.

We finished up this week at the last fair event, which was the bull rides. We thought the bulls won this event since several calls were made for the EMTs. One EMT said the bull riders are made out of strong stuff since the one that was hurt the worst wanted to be taken back, so he could go ahead and finish his ride. Ashley and I had to work in the concession stand during the bull rides for the 4-H Junior leaders.

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