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Clanton Diaries

August 16 - 22

The guys have been busy working ground with the plow, disc and springtooth. It has turned hot and dry, so Steve has had to start the irrigation again. Earlier this month it was too wet and cool to work ground now it is too hot and the crops are drying up. We farmers are never satisfied with the weather.

Our school started August 20, so our help has gone back to school. One of the boys is coming out after school which helps us a lot. Steve thinks by the middle of next week we should have all the wheat ground covered.

Sarah has gone back to Sterling College to start her Senior year. She is trying to qualify to teach both in elementary and secondary schools. So she is going back early to start on her elementary student teaching. She is in the Lyons, Ks, district with a first grade teacher. Ashley also started back to school August 20 as a Sophomore.

Ashley and I walked down to our creek to see if the beaver was still there. We have had a beaver on our ground for about a year. We weren't sure if the previous floods had made it go, but it looked like it was still there. He had moved his dam down the creek some. We have never seen the beaver, but it has been interesting to see all the work it has done. Fortunately it has not done much damage to our ground. Some beavers have flooded fields with their dams or have ruined shelter belts from chopping down too many trees.

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