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Clanton Diaries

August 1 - 15

It was been very wet and cool. The guys have not been able to get into the wheat fields to work. They have been working on the new headers for the spring crops. Steve said it was a good thing that they have had time to work on them since there was a lot to be done on the headers. Hopefully the headers will be ready for the fall harvest.

The two younger guys got the honor of picking up rocks in one of our fields. They brought them into the yard one night. They weren't rock they were almost boulders. Fortunately the boys were using the tractor with the loader to help pick them up. During harvest one of the combines picked one of those rocks up and we could hear it clear across the field.

From August 7 to the 12, our family drove to Michigan to see our son and his wife, Aaron and Karyn Clanton. We left when I got off of work Friday night and drove to DesMoines, IA. Then we drove into Battle Creek on Saturday evening. It was good to see the kids and their house. We had not been up to see them since they moved. My mother's family is from Mt. Pleasant, MI, so we drove up there one day. It was good to be back, I had not been on my grandparent's farm for a long time. It sure seemed like it had shrunk since I was a kid. We had left fields in Kansas that were too wet to get in and the fields in Michigan were too dry. My uncle said they were not sure the corn would even fill due to lack of moisture.

One day we drove into Detroit to see the Henry Ford Greenfield Village. I don't think I could ever get used to the traffic. I'll take my muddy roads any day. We drove the full 16 hour trip back home Wednesday. That was a long day!!

When we got back, the guys had been able to get into the fields. They were trying to get ground worked. One evening one got the field cultivator stuck. They were able to free the tractor, which was a caterpillar with treads, but the cultivator had to wait until the next day to get it out.

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